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Summer Best Sellers

One of the things I have been wanting to do is give you best seller blog posts a few times a year.  I think showing where some of my best selling items are and directing you to one blog post might be a bit easier for you and me long term. 

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boys shared room with large animal prints

Best Sellers – Summer 2020

What a time summer 2020 has been – and these best sellers are a bit more all over the place from future ones because I haven’t done this before.  

I plan to do this seasonally, but these were my best sellers from April – August.  

white stacking fruit baskets
See all other details in this post linked here – lights and hardware are also high selling items from Amazon

As a bonus – I teamed up with 4 other ladies to share their best sellers this year and we are going to giveaway one of our top sellers to each of you.  For my best seller I will be giving one winner who follows on social a cutie holder and snack cup!

A round up of Arin Solange at Home Summer Best sellers

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  1. Vacuum – this is much more affordable than the Dyson version and has been a great vacuum for us for the past 6 or so months.
  2. Media cabinet – this was in my boys shared bedroom and worked as the best shared nightstand!
  3. Sleeping mats – We are currently using these, but every time I share them they are a huge hit.
  4. Coop Pillow – I have shared on social a few times that neck and shoulder tension are huge issues for me. I got this pillow a few months ago and it has been a game changer for me.
  5. Our highchair read the full review here, but it is honestly such a great highchair.
  6. The infamous craft bins – see them in use here.
  7. This little knit outfit has been a hot seller. We got it for Goldie and I will say it runs big so size down.
  8. These little shoes – we got these for both girls and they are so cute and affordable.
  9. Snack cups – hands down one of my biggest sellers each week.
  10. Rainbow dress – this is super affordable and a hot seller
  11. The lights – these are from the boys shared room
  12. Cutie Pat holder – this can go on any bike or stroller or really anywhere (someone showed it to me being used in their shower!)
  13. These boots are hot sellers every year. Come in several colors and with or without fur
  14. These containers are always a hot seller. I use them for about 1 million things.
  15. Paint by sticker – my kids love these books and they are super affordable
  16. Our produce basketssee in image in this post
  17. Egg tray for the fridge
  18. Oil container that measures as it pours
  19. Sandwich cutter
  20. Scrubber – this is essentially a huge electric toothbrush but it cleans grout or baseboards SO WELL.
  21. Indoor outdoor pillow covers – so affordable and cute.
  22. Leggings – I wore these today. They are super comfortable and I prefer them over my Lululemon ones that are twice as expensive.
dining room with cane cabinet

A couple of items that I didn’t add to that round up were the cane from the DIY in the photo above and the chairs – Check out the DIY post here, but hands down that is my biggest seller.

You can also grab the chairs above here

kitchen with shiplap wall and stokke highchair

Hopefully you found some items you love and are able to incorporate them into your home and your life. Be sure you are following along on Instagram so you can be entered to win the items from this weeks giveaway!

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A round up of Arin Solange at Home Summer Best sellers
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