Modern Fall Home Decor

Fall decor is always one of my favorite things to decorate.   I know so many of you are already jumping into fall decorating, so I wanted that to be my first decor post to get up for you all this month.   Today I am sharing some Modern Fall Home Decor that you will LOVE!

THIS POST CONTAINS AFFILIATE LINK – this post was updated from 9/19 to 9/21

round up of modern fall decor

Modern Fall Decor

I find that modern fall decor can sometimes be hard to find.  Decorating for fall months tends to lean heavily towards the farmhouse look (which I also love, but it is just not how I decorate).

I rounded up some great decor options that will help you warm up your space for fall and make it perfectly cozy and ready for the season, while still keeping a more neutral, simple, modern look.

bright space with faux fiddle leaf fig

Most of this can be used year round if you would like, which is typically how I like to shop.  I don’t like to have to store too much, and want items that can be used and incorporated throughout my house for multiple seasons.

If you have any questions let me know, and be sure to check out this other fall decor post from last year. Nearly all of it is still available and links have been updated for lots of fall decor options!

Check out this Neutral Fall Decor Post HERE!

white platter with oranges and orange stems

Tips on Fall Decor

Fall decor is all about layering textures.  Adding in simple elements like candles, warm throws and unfinished wood can be a great way to make your house feel warm for the holidays. 

I also love that if you go with a lot of these items they will transition year round!  Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see how I transform my modern, natural space for fall. 

I don’t think that decorating for fall has to mean clutter and lots of oranges and browns, and I will show you how I accomplish keeping things neutral in my own home!

white vase with lemon Stems

To me – natural woods, and browns that are found in wicker or rattan are a great way to warm a space up while still sticking to a cool pallet for decorating 

For this fall decor round up you will see lots of natural textures that bring in the natural warmth.

round up of modern fall decor

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Shop Modern Fall Decor Below

  1. Gold Arch Mirror – This comes in gold and black and I am obsessed with it.
  2. Wreath – I love a good faux greenery wreath and this one would be gorgeous inside or outside. I do think when it comes to faux greenery sometimes it is worth it to spend more and get great quality.
  3. Rattan style pillow – we have this and it honestly can look perfect year round!
  4. Planter – this is GORGEOUS. It is a great white piece that will look good in the fall due to the texture.
  5. Kitchen Towels
  6. Hey There Pumpkin rug – $10!!
  7. Rattan end table
  8. Candle Stick holder
  9. Love this dusty pink color for a throw in the fall
  10. Table Runner
  11. Velvet throw pillow – this is such a pretty color to tie in for fall and winter
  12. Candle
  13. I am obsessed with this gorgeous camel color for fall – grab this throw pillow here
  14. Rug
  15. This little gold wreath is so fun
  16. Bowl – I LOVE this piece. Chunky pottery in the fall is the best.
  17. Rattan shelf – I am so into archways and honestly would have gotten this for our new house if it wasn’t going to sit right next to an arched doorway.
  18. Rattan tray.
  19. Small fiddle leaf fig – this comes in the cutest pot and is super affordable.

Last Years Picks

Most of the round up below from last year is sold out – however I have included the links to the items that are still in stock. I still LOVE so much of this gorgeous decor.

I know so many of you are probably on this post from finding this one on Pinterest, so I wanted to leave it up for inspiration and link to the items I could!

a round up of modern fall decor

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If you have any questions please feel free to leave me a comment or DM via Instagram, and if you incorporate any of this into your modern fall decor make sure you tag me so I can see how you styled it!!

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round up of modern fall decor
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