Color block Pink Pumpkins

Pink pumpkins are almost always my thing when fall comes along – I mean I am a pink girl through and through. This year I wanted to give you a fun – EASY diy with color block pumpkins – but will also be sharing lots of other pink pumpkin fun!

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pink bowl with pink color block pumpkins

Pink Color Block Pumpkins

When I was figuring out something fun and easy for DIY pumpkins this year I figured who doesn’t love a good color block look?

This DIY was beyond easy and so much fun – plus I can use these in a birthday party coming in a few weeks.

pink pumpkins

When it comes to doing anything color blocked like this I highly recommend you using a few colors in several different combinations to keep things matching.

In this case I went with all pinks and one brown. I waned the contrast of the brown – and since they weren’t going to be decor in our home brown was a fun change for me. (I am normally team black and white!).

color blocked pink pumpkins that are pink and brown

What You Need

When it comes to creating these you need very little! I personally used several different sized pumpkins because I already owed many, but I also used a new pack from Amazon – and as a bonus I will be sharing how my friend Jen used the same pumpkins in a DIY.

  • Pumpkins – Here are the ones from Amazon (smallest ones seen) But here are some other options too if you want to vary your sizes too. Here and Here.
  • Painters Tape
  • Paint – I used several different craft paint colors that I will list below, but just use what makes your heart happy!
pink color block pumpkins

How to Make your Pink Color Block Pumpkins

I wasn’t joking when I said this is really easy! All you will need to do is place your painters tape to block off one side. Paint the top or bottom (whichever is fully showing) and let it dry.

Once done carefully paint the other side. you could place painters tape back down but didn’t find that was needed. Both sides will likely need 2 coats of paint!

Colors I used

pink color block pumpkins being painted

Incase you are hoping for these same colors I personally used:

cool bisque | raw Sienna | calypso coral | conch shell | chic pink

diy pumpkins

Other Great Pink Pumpkins

If pink pumpkins are your thing and you loved this DIY I rounded up some other pink pumpkin decor. I know DIY isn’t everyones thing. I also know that if you want to tie these color block pumpkins into your decor you will need other great finds.

pink bowl filled with pumpkins

Shop all the great pink pumpkin decor below!

a round up of pink halloween decor

Shop Pink Halloween Decor

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

  1. Short felt ball tassel
  2. Throw Pillow
  3. Pink skull
  4. Pink leaf wreath – this is fun for all fall
  5. Pink velvet pumpkin
  6. Pumpkin felt ball banner
  7. Light pink wicker pumpkin – this is so fun and subtle
  8. Bat neon light
  9. Light Pink velvet pumpkin
  10. Pink pumpkin paper plates
  11. pink skull cup or vase
  12. Hey boo sign
bowl of pink color block pumpkins

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pink pumpkin color block DIY
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