Faux Succulent Planter – How To

I have had quite a few questions on my Instagram about how to execute my faux succulent planter.  I decided to go with fake plants because I use the tray they are in year round for all sorts of things and love being able to switch things out!

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white shelves with succulents

What you will need:

Tray or planter – mine is from Hobby Lobby from about a year ago, however Target has a similar one.

Small stones (or similar from a local craft store)

Succulents – Mine are from Hobby Lobby! They have great selections of faux succulents at Michales, Target, and probably anywhere else you can think of right now.

faux succulent planter

Faux Succulent Planter Steps (this is going to be REALLY simple):

Pour half of your rocks into the tray.

Remove long stems from succulents or bend them to the side.  you need them to sit with a very low profile.

Arrange the succulents.  Play around a bit, but you want a good mix of heights and colors.

Once you have a good arrangement you like – finish filling with rock.

This faux succulent planter how to  truly the easiest tutorial I can think of, but if you have questions please just ask!


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