Organizing Photos and Memories

This weeks ‘What I’m Nesting’ post is pretty simple.  I have spent most of my free time the past week finishing up Shutterfly books with our family photos.

Organizing Photos -

If I had to say there is one thing that I am proud of sticking to as a mom, it is photo and memory organization.  I am a huge believer in making sure that the ease of taking photos in todays age doesn’t actually turn out to be a negative when our children have no pictures to look back on.  As you add children and time starts to pass faster it’s harder to remember each little memory, so I have found if I stay on top of organizing the pictures in small time frames it works better.

As of now I do a Shutterfly book every 3 months (jan-march, april – june, and so on for each year).  Some years I have done one or two 6 month books because of less pictures, but especially while the kids have been under 1 year old every 3 months works better.

The first page of each book I write about major things that happened during that time period.  For example: baby milestones, trips, concerts, or birthdays.

I also do individual books for major life events like birthday parties, family photo sessions, newborn photos, and situations like that so that I get them ALL in print.

For us this has worked well as a way to keep our family memories from being stuck in a photo real on our phones, and I love that if heaven forbid something were to happen to our albums I could reorder all of those books and have them right back.

Organizing Photos -

Other ways I organize memories and photos for our family:

Each of my kids have a baby book with monthly weights and all the other little milestones and photos.

I write in a notebook to the kiddos every 6 months (or so) with what life has looked like.  I figure someday they will love to get those letters from me!!

Last would be videos – which I have been trying to figure out.  I would love to know what you all have done to organize your videos of your kids or family. I think I will look for someone who can just compile all the videos I have taken over the past 4 years and do that every few years to put on DVD so they have home movies!

This is a really simple, but time consuming task to do, but it’s something I challenge all you other mamas to start – you will LOVE to look back on them.  Hopefully I’ll be back later this week with a couple of DIY and home decor posts.  I have been working non stop on our master bedroom and nursery – but the nursery won’t be revealed until baby bear is here!



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