Pantry Organization

So,  I don’t know about any of you other mama’s that are reading this, but the ‘nesting’ is a real thing here at my house.  I am naturally a fairly clean/organized/busy person, but when I’m pregnant it is NEXT LEVEL. This time I feel like its a combination of “finishing” the house, because the baby is arriving just over a year after move in, as well as trying to get things organized in a way that the kids and Sam can maintain while I’m trapped under a nursing baby.

I decided that I would post a weekly snap shot into “What I’m Nesting” incase anyone else needs inexpensive quick ways to organize and clean up their home!


Pantry Overhaul

Pantry Organization

Moving into our new home gave us so much more space, and there have only been one or two spaces that I felt we ‘downgraded’.  The pantry was one of those unfortunate areas.  It is an average size, however has sliding doors, which for me aren’t ideal due to hiding half the pantry.  Due to the pantry’s location the only other doors possible are accordion style doors – and those make me so nervous with little fingers, so until I decide if a Butlers Pantry is for us, organization, and making the best of the space we have was really our only option.

Pantry Organization

I decided that if similar items were housed in bins together it would keep things a bit less cluttered and would allow for the kids to easily access snacks as well as Sam to put things away without my direction (Im a bit of a control freak- ha).

Something else I always do is keep the kids snacks on the bottom shelf where they are accessible to them, and out of boxes.  They can see all that’s offered and I don’t end up with empty boxes laying around.  (as a side note – I also do this because if we have sitters I can tell them that the bottom shelf of our pantry is “Jack safe”.  Jack has a serious egg allergy and although not everything in the house is egg free, everything for snacking within his reach is then safe for him to eat!)

Pantry Organization

The bins I used are both inexpensive, and great for use on wire shelving where wicker baskets would start to get shredded.

I labeled each bin using my Silhouette, however you could label it with a label maker or by buying chalk label stickers at your craft store.

I store my baking supplies in Oxo containers and again used my Silhouette to cut out labels.  This time I used some fun dry erase vinyl I had for the labels.  I love that I can easily change out what the label on these say.  I am always changing what I have on hand (like I’m on a serious homemade granola kick this pregnancy!)

Pantry Organization

I store my spices both on a 3 tier shelf (partially because getting them to stand on wire shelves was awful!) and to make it easier to see.  I also have a small 3 tier drawer for spices.  On the front of that I added the same dry erase vinyl to the front of those drawers in order to easily change what spices are in them instead of using the included labels (that are also a great option).

Pantry Organization

I use a Keurig drawer for our “odd” K-cups.  I store our daily K-cups in a glass vase next to the coffee pot, but love the drawer as a way to keep decaf, hot cocoa, and flavored options on hand and organized.

Pantry Organization

At the top of my pantry I keep a few things in rubbermaid containers that are also labeled, and I keep a large milk crate on the floor of my pantry for onions and potatoes.  There is also space on the floor for cases of water or things of that sort when needed.

Pantry Organization

Overall I have had our pantry organized for about a month while I’ve slowly added the labels and it has been amazing! For the first time I haven’t felt like my pantry was on a constant rotation of ‘newly cleaned’ to ‘needed cleaned again’.  I’m hoping this takes one frequent chore off my to-do list once our sweet baby arrives.

I would LOVE to hear your organization or “nesting” ideas for me to fill the next 12-15 weeks with.  Follow along and add your ideas in the comments or by using the hashtag #whatimnesting on Instagram!


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    1. Thanks Marisa! Being pregnant and going nutty with the nesting has had some great long term benefits! haha