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Fawn Design vs Freshly Picked Diaper Bag

Picking a diaper bag is such a hard choice when you’re expecting a baby.  Not only are they expensive, but there are also SO MANY options on the market these days, and its hard to know what to pick and why.  This post will focus on the Fawn Design vs Freshly Picked Diaper Bag.  I have done a few diaper bag reviews over the past couple of years, and have owned a few more than a few diaper bags over all.

I can genuinely say that all of the diaper bags I have reviewed on this blog and my Instagram have been true reviews, and I do not use the same bag every day, however I have 3 bags out of all of them I have owned and used the I stand behind being the best.  The Freshly Picked Diaper bag, The Fawn Design Diaper Bag, and the JuJu Be BFF.  The Fawn Design and Freshly Picked bags are both top of the line when it comes to fashion meets function.  So in my opinion this post will compare the best two bags you can buy!

Fawn Design vs Freshly Picked Diaper Bag chart

Fawn Design vs Freshly Picked Diaper Bag


The above chart will definitely give you a lot of the stats on these two bags, but I want to touch on them a bit more.  One of the biggest differences in the two bags is the size.  The Freshly Picked bag is much taller, thus holds quit a bit more.  One thing to remember is that that isn’t always needed.  I personally got along fine with the Fawn Design with 2 kids, but I knew I couldn’t with 3.  I think that even with 2, when your youngest is an infant a bigger bag is nice.

The one thing to note on size however is that the Fawn Design bag due to its size, looks less like a backpack, so I feel can look a bit more fashionable ESPECIALLY when you aren’t with your kids. The Fawn design bag has more of a traditional backpack shape, which for better or worse, has stayed traditional for a reason – it is pretty functional!

Freshly picked and fawn design diaper bags compared

 Outside Pockets

Overall the Freshly Picked and Fawn Design bags have a similar pocket system.  Both have pockets on the outside for bottles or waters.  Those pockets are made from vegan leather the outside of the bag is made from.  Both bags also feature a zipper pocket on the front.  I love both of those features on both bags.  The zipper pocket on the Freshly Picked is bigger and in my opinion more of an asset, however I do think that both have features I like.  I feel like the outside pockets are nearly identical in function for bottles.

Inside Pockets

The inside pockets is where the bags differ tremendously in my opinion.  (and where Freshly Picked wins me over for most days).  The Fawn Design bag is fully lined in the vegan leather from the outiside, and the pockets along the inside are also made the that material.  To me that makes them a bit less functional.  I find that my stuff falls out of them a lot, so most of the time utilize small bags to organize my stuff without pockets in the Fawn design (the good news is that the pockets don’t take up space, so if you use it like one big compartment you aren’t losing space!).

The inside pockets of the Freshly Picked Diaper bag have elastic, and to me are SO FUNCTIONAL.  I can put things in each one and they function as little bags.  I also love that there is a sleeve where I put my laptop, allowing for it to work as a travel bag a bit better for me, and likely a bag I will continue to use after having kids for both travel or work! For me when it comes to the pockets if you are torn between the two bags, Freshly Picked is a clear winner.

mom and daughter in matching fawn design diaper bags against pink heart wall

mom and daughter on red brick next to Freshly Picked Diaper bag

Overall Function

Like I said in the opening paragraph.  Both of these bags are amazing when it come to function meets fashion.  One area the Fawn Design definitely wins in my opinion is the straps.  The width of the straps on the Fawn Design bag are much wider, which make the bag more comfortable to carry.   This to me is impressive because it is technically a heavier bag.  Both are made from vegan leather, so are equal in that regard.  I find that the lining fabrics both come with there own perks, so I don’t see that as a big selling point on either bag.

Freshly Picked Diaper bag and mom with 3 little ones sitting on ground

Toddler girl with pink fawn design diaper bag on and pink fawn design diaper bag next to her

Over all the questions I would ask myself if you are in the final stages of deciding are:

How many kids do you have or are you planning to have?  If you will only ever need to carry enough for one baby the Fawn Design will never get too small.

Will you need to take your laptop with you in your diaper bag?  If you said yes, the Freshly Picked is 100% your bag.

Does organization inside the bag matter to you?  If so again I think the Freshly Picked wins in that arena, unless you want to get your own small bags to go inside (which many do).

Does the comfort of the straps matter a great deal to you?  If so, and you will be wearing it for hours on end often then I would give that win to the Fawn Design bag.


I am more than happy to answer any other questions you have on either of these bags.  Just leave me a comment or shoot me an email, and good luck with your final decision when it comes to the Fawn Design vs the Freshly Picked Diaper bag.

(oh and because I have been asked before.  I have the Freshly Picked bag in birch.  My Fawn Design bags are in a discontinued stone color as well as blush, as well as blush and black minis.)

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Fawn Design vs Freshly Picked Diaper Bag



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6 thoughts on “Fawn Design vs Freshly Picked Diaper Bag

  1. Have you noticed any peeling on either bag? This is my one reservation before taking the plunge for either with the vegan leather… as I ran into a lady with a two year old camel Fawn bag and hers was peeling quite a bit around the edges

    1. Hi! I haven’t personally but I have had some friends see it on the fawn – the Freshly picked I have used the crap out of and have had ZERO issues!

  2. The miss fong amazon design seems to have solved the interior pocket issue. I’m a soon to be new mom and got the fong one but it seems so small but I’m a BIG BAG girl.

    1. I definitely am the same way and just found that the freshly picked held more. I have heard of the miss Fong and have seen that they have better internal pockets.

  3. I am having my third child. Have’t had a baby in 7 years. This will be my last. Trying to decide between these two bags. I want it to be easy on my back. Any tips to help me decide? Thank you!

    1. Hi Marcie!

      I hands down reach for my Freshly Picked over my Fawn. That said – size is a huge factor. If you don’t think you need something very big the straps on the fawn are great and the size is great on your back. You can’t go wrong!