Pool Side Meals

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Sam’s parents recently put in a pool, which means we have been living pool side this summer!  Whether its lunch or dinner, we are enjoying so many pool side meals, and I thought I would talk about what my favorite meals we make are, and my tips and tricks for keeping it easy for MOM, so you can enjoy your pool time too!

red and white table cloth with plates and cups

pizza party table

What to Bring

Like I said above, my in-laws have a pool so for us we have a stash of what we use on a multiple times a week basis ready over there, but I also like to keep a bag ready with pool side meal staples incase we head to our gym or neighborhood pool to eat! One of my absolute must haves this year has been the new adult tableware from Replay Recycled.  I am sure if you have been reading my blog for long you will know that my kids ONLY use Replay Recycled (check out their cupboard here!), so when I found out that the adult tableware was becoming a reality I was so excited!

We are able to throw in plates for the family into a bag, and they won’t break, and I Love that the large plates and bowls can double as serving dishes! Once you have your tableware, make sure you keep a plastic baggie (to keep them dry) of napkins, packets of condiments depending on your plan, an easily cleaned table-cloth so you don’t have to clean those outdoor tables.

white divided replay recycled plates on red and white table cloth

eating pool side

plate of food pool side

Pool Side Meals

Now for meals. I know the easy idea is to grill, but sometimes we don’t want to get out of the pool long enough for that.  So here are my go to pool side meals – some require a kitchen, and some are totally portable:

  • Frozen or Delivery Pizza – KIDS LOVE a pizza party
  • hot dogs
  • Lunchables – I love that the kids can each pick their favorite and its such a treat for them.
  • Pre-made Salads for mom and dad with PB&J for the kids
  • Watermelon
  • Messy chips – again such a treat for kids and pool side is the time to eat them
  • Pasta Salad with a protein in it for an all in one meal!

pool side meal

table scape with red and white table cloth

For us dining pool side is all about easy, balance, and safe.  We don’t do any glass/breakable items, we try to have something pre-made or that can be made in one quick step (IE frozen pizza in the oven), and we try to keep it fun. We don’t eat things like chips at home, so when the kids get them pool side they LOVE it.

For all the tableware you saw in this post make sure you head to Replay Recycled.  The adult line will be launching this summer and you won’t want to miss out.  There are Adult bowls, Divided Trays (which you will love for your kids and pizza!) and Large plates!! I know we will be stocking up on even more, because we can’t stop using them!

table scape on red and white table cloth


Let me know in the comments below what your go to meals are pool side incase we need some new fun ideas this summer! And make sure you pin the image below so you can find these ideas later when you need them!

pool side meals





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