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Wednesday Weekly Finds – Walmart Decor Finds

I am SO excited to start a new series here on my blog and Instagram.  My Instagram followers have loved my Monday morning round ups every Monday, which makes me so happy, and I wanted to share more of that structured aspect in my stories as well as on here.  This new series is going to be WEDNESDAY WEEKLY FINDS.  Every week I will round up at least 10 finds from one retailer.  Most weeks I will go to a store and see what I can find, but sometimes it all be solely online (think amazon).

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Another super fun aspect of this will be that I am going to have other bloggers link up with me.  My girl Val from Lovely Lucky Life does weekly Amazon finds, and I am TOTALY copying her on the idea of the link ups.  I have loved watching her finds, but also finding new fun people to follow and fun new finds, so I am hoping this will be a fun way to introduce you all to new ideas and people too!

Walmart Decor Finds

So for week one – we have Walmart decor finds! I walked around Walmart this past week to find these items and fell in love with each of them in person.  To shop the items just click the image over the item you are wanting to shop!



So like I said I went through the store to find these, and SOME of the prices are rolled back in store….but y’all its also Christmas time and Walmart, so you might want to just grab it online haha!


  1. This basket actually comes in 2 sizes (Small $9 |  Large $10) – I get asked all the time about my stacking fruit baskets and these are a perfect option to do that.  
  2. Paper Towel roll – this looks super high end
  3. These little rose gold baskets are THREE DOLLARS!
  4. Canister – I have talked about this before, but these canisters are so good for such a low price point.  I use one on my counter to hold baby formula.Christmas kitchen counter decor
  5. Lanterns (Black  |  Metal)
  6. galvanized votive – this is such a cool piece
  7. Gold house – I am so mad about this because I just got some from West Elm and these are just as cute for a fraction of the cost.
  8. Pillow – this guy comes in several colors
  9. Set of three baskets for about $25
  10. These little houses are SO CUTE! (black |  Metal)

Be sure to follow along weekly for my finds.  I am sure Walmart will be a popular one because of the easy of getting there for most of you! And be sure to pin the photo below to find the Walmart decor finds later!

Walmart decor finds

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