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Halloween Pajamas for Everyone

It wouldn’t be a Halloween pajamas post if I weren’t writing it months too early, so we could all grab them while they were still in stock!  It is still 200 degrees (but feels slightly cooler than it did last summer being 9 months pregnant) in St. Louis, but I know Halloween will sneak up on us!  

I rounded up some great baby and toddler Halloween pajamas – and as a bonus many of them come in adult sizes too.  Now you can rope your husband into matching Pj’s for another holiday haha. 

Post originally written 8/2019 updated 7/2020

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Little boy eating donut in donut halloween pajamas

Halloween Pajamas for Kids & Baby

I am 8 years into motherhood (well almost) and one of my favorite things is holiday pajamas – especially during the fall and winter months.  I have done Halloween pajamas for my kids every year since they were born, and am excited to round up some great options again this year.

One thing I have noticed is that stores release Halloween Pajamas early and tend to sell out early, so instead of waiting I figured I would share my picks this year and you can snag your favorites and be ready.  I mean we all know by October we will be thinking about costumes, so we might as well be focusing on these details now.

My kids are ages 10 months – 7 years old, but will be 1-8 by the time Halloween comes around this year, so we will be doing great options that fit baby all the way to up to adult – you know, incase you want to match as a family.  

Where to Get Pajamas

Getting pajamas doesn’t have to be expensive and never has to match 100% – I love to mix and match, so you will see lots of mix and match options in this post, and hopefully it gives you fun options to add some festivity to the Halloween season this year – since it’s a little weird this year!

3 kids in matching halloween pajamas

My top pics this year are below!

Halloween Pajamas for baby and kids

Baby and Toddler Halloween Pajamas

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |  10  |  11  | 12 |  13  |  14  |  15  |  16  |  17  |  18  |  19  |  20 

  1. Polka dot Pajamas – these are so cute – they aren’t necessarily Halloween but something fun and black and white that will carry on past the season.
  2. Cat Bow
  3. Bat Pajamas – these are so cute!! Great for sibling matching. 
  4. Cake pop pajamas – these are the new version of the donut ones you see in this post that my kids had a couple of years ago! They are so cute, and perfect.
  5. Stripes and bats 
  6. Plaid bow
  7. Pink and Orange ghosts – these are beyond cute.  Definitely need them for my girls
  8. Mummy Teddy bear slippers – These come in several different options for Halloween
  9. Candy Corn Pajamas – so stinking cute!
  10. Bat Pajamas – these come in baby sizes too which I love
  11. Pink candy corn pajamas – these are darling and would be so cute in sibling sets with the ones from number 9.
  12. Blue ghosts – these come all the way up to big kid sizes so are great if you have kids of several different ages.
  13. Baby bling bows – these are my favorite bows for babies and they are SO CUTE. 
  14. Orange and black dot bow
  15. Striped pajamas – a great subtle Halloween look
  16. Ugg Slippers – these are seriously so cute in so many colors and the black are beyond cute for Halloween
  17. Eye Pajamas – these are so cute – I love that they are a shorts set
  18. Black Spider bow
  19. Socks – these are SO CUTE to pair with pajamas.  
  20. Baby bat pajamas – these are so cute and like I said above match older sizes.

Since this is early I will definitely keep this post updated as more pajamas are released this season, but hopefully this helps you find some great ones for this year!  

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Hopefully you found some Halloween Pajamas you love in this post and are able to find fun ways to celebrate this spooky season even if its not the normal this year!

Baby and toddler Halloween Pajamas





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