Care Bear Birthday Party

My sweet Goldie Mae went and broke my heart by turning two! Goldie is Care Bear obsessed so I wanted to throw her a small little Care Bear birthday party for just our family. It did not disappoint, and I can’t wait to share the simple details with all of you.

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Rainbow Tablescape

Care Bear Birthday Party

All the 80’s and mamas are rejoicing in the comeback Care Bears, am I right? My 6 year old and 2 year old both love watching them, and have all the stuffed Care Bears to join them.

Goldie – the birthday girl, became SO attached to her bears that I really wanted to make her 2nd birthday Care Bears themed, but honestly…wasn’t sure how to do it in a sort of small way and keeping it looking classy.

Rainbow Birthday Party

I know that some people can make character parties cute so easily, but I have found it difficult every single time we have done a character party so I was a bit nervous about how this was going to go down. I ended up loving the end results and can’t wait to share all the details to the party in this post!

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sunshine bear by flowers

Goldie’s Care Bear Birthday Party Details

For sweet Goldie’s 2nd birthday we just did a big happy family party – but don’t let it fool you – we still went with a magical set up for her. I love doing a big table set up for the kids because It is something we can enjoy for a few days, it is simple, and it is just plain fun!

2 Year old at Care Bear Party

The Balloons

If you have been following me for very long then yo know that I do not do my own Balloons very often. I always let the ladies from the Party Hop Shop here in St. Louis create my Balloons because.…well I hate them haha!

That said – if you aren’t in St. Louis, or if you want to save some money, my friend Jen has a great tutorial on creating a balloon garland on her blog.

Care bear Birthday Party Tablescape

I went with a sort of rainbow pattern – so I wanted the colors to be color blocked together. Sometimes I like them more mixed up, but in this case I loved the color block look. Once we got it up we LOVED it, but agreed that something more would be….well more.

We added this set of streamers to the bottom of the balloons (I used these little sticky things and it worked great!) and it was such a fun pop. I will say that if you plan to sit all the way around the table for dinner this look will not allow for much dinnertime conversation.

Party Hop shop also made this fun little balloon thing with one of Goldie’s stuffed Care Bears that was SO CUTE.

Care bear Birthday Party

Care Bear Birthday Party Table Top Details

Like I said before – I was going for a bit of a rainbow theme with the Care Bears, and the table was no different. For the center of the table I used white vases and did sort of a rainbow effect with flowers.

Rainbow Tablescape

I always try to vary my heights and shapes when I do this, and it worked wonderfully in this case. In the flowers I propped up some little vintage Care Bear figurines that we had. They were so cute and added the little Care Bear aspect we needed!

For each place setting I kept things sort of color blocked. So basically, napkins, paper straws, and such. With either scrapbook paper or napkins add some pattern in some of the spots to add dimension.

DIY Flags

One thing I did was use my Cricut to make little flags for the cakes with the Care Bear names on them for the cakes. It was a subtle way to tie in the Care Bear theme.

Sunshine Flag on cake

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Care Bears by Flowers

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rainbow balloon tablescape

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Hopefully you feel inspired to make your own Care Bear Birthday Party with these simple details! If you have any questions on my party be sure to leave them in the comments below, and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (@arinsolange) for more inspiration and fun.

Care Bear Birthday Party
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