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Cute Toddler Gymnastics Leotards

Avé just started gymnastics and the leotard world for gymnastics was thrown at me.  She is insistent that she needs GYMNASTICS leotards, but I have had a hard time finding cute toddler gymnastics leotards.  I have searched the internet hight and low and found some of the best options available and rounded them all up in one place.  Be sure to check out my toddler dance attire posts linked at the end of this too before you leave, if you’re a dance mom too!

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Cute Toddler Gymnastics leotards round up

Cute Toddler Gymnastics Leotards

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So like I said in the opening of this post – these were not easy to find.  And I don’t really think that they are all PERFECTION by any means – but of the sparkly, neon, rhinestoned options on the market these were pretty cute!! Make sure you click on the links and read the descriptions because many of them come in other colors or prints!

  1. I have been following this company for a while on Instagram and am obsessed with the custom name leotards – I feel like Avé would love the rainbow one I pictured haha.
  2. Pink and gold – this option is simple and adorable! (and SO AFFORDABLE)
  3. Mermaid leotard – maybe not my favorite, but not my least favorite option for a leotard…and I’m sure it would be well loved by the little girls haha. 
  4. I love the simplicity of this one with the star on the side!
  5. There are 3 leotards on this round up from the same company and this is one of them – I personally ordered one to check the quality and they are SO GREAT.  
  6. I love the flower cut out back on this leo.  It comes in several colors.
  7. This shop sells lots of super sweet prints.  I love this strawberry one!
  8. Velvet and daisies – I mean if there is ever a time, its probably during gymnastics haha.
  9. This Elsa inspired leotard is so dang cute – the shop has some fun other princesses and superheroes
  10. Another from the shop I ordered from.  This one is one of my favorites and will probably be one of Avé’s birthday presents.
  11. I loved this super affordable leotard option – it comes in several print and color combos
  12. This is very 90’s but I kind of love it. 
  13. The solid Gold is a bit wild, but fun for gymnastics – it also comes in several other solid metallic looks.  
  14. A fun rainbow option with the little shorts
  15. Minnie Mouse – need I say more?
  16. Flamingos
  17. This one is a bit bright, but another affordable option that I think is pretty cute, while still being very ‘gymnastics’.
  18. I haven’t ever ordered from this shop but I have heard that other moms love their leotards – she has tons of cute prints!
  19. This is the leotard we ordered Avé for her first week of dance, and it is SO cute and well made. 
  20. The first week of gymnastics I saw another little girl wearing this leotard and asked her mom where she got it.  It is darling in person and I will definitely be getting it for Avé for her birthday. 


Hopefully this helps you find some fun, unique, and cute toddler gymnastics leotards that both you and your daughter will love, and like I mentioned in the first paragraph – if you are a dance mom too, be sure to check out the posts below!

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