Cute Toddler Gymnastics Leotards

AvĂ© just started gymnastics and the cute toddler gymnastics leotards world was thrown at me.  She is insistent that she needs GYMNASTICS leotards, but I have had a hard time finding cute ones, so I made it my mission to find them for both her and you!

This post contains affiliate Linkspost was originally written in 2019 and was updated in 2021

little girl in a cute toddler gymnastics leotard

Toddler Gymnastics Leotards

 I have searched the internet hight and low and found some of the best toddler gymnastics leotard options available and rounded them up for you.

I am the mom of a 6 year old, but at the time I originally wrote this post she was more toddler, less big girl. Because of that I will be rounding up toddler gymnastics leotards and kids gymnastics leotards all in one. I will check that the sizes work for both!

Gymnastics leotards have changed SO MUCH over the years. When I was in gymnastics I am pretty sure I wore tie dye biker shorts and shirts (which ironically is back in these days ha!)

What to Look for in Toddler Gymnastics Leotards

So on my mission for the best leotards, I thought I would share a few thins I look for in leotards for my girls. Although gymnastics isn’t something I have done much of, my girls both have danced since before they were very little, so leotards in general are something I am pretty well versed in.

I try really hard to look for fun prints and colors that my girls will like, without them being super gaudy and wild.

I also prefer more butt coverage on the leotards, and some even offer crotch snaps which can be extra helpful for really young toddlers.

Things to Consider

A few common questions and things to consider when you are shopping for toddler gymnastics leotards.

Will they wear underwear under their leotards? Technically no, but I would say take that with a grain of salt. My little girl preferred to wear them her first year, and she isn’t competitive, so it was no big deal.

Are leotards required? No! For the most part your little one can wear whatever makes them happy. Some kids wear typical athletic clothes.

Cute Toddler Gymnastics leotards round up

Cute Toddler Gymnastics Leotards

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |  10  |  11  |  12  |  13  |  14  |  15  |  16  |  17  |  18  |  19  |  20

Make sure you click on the links and read the descriptions because many of them come in other colors or prints!

  1. White and black leopard leotard
  2. Floral shorts version – these with the shorts are so great
  3. Unicorn – My 7 year old LOVES unicorns so if your child does too – check out this post with all things unicorn before you go.
  4. Pink Shiny set – this is so dang cute!
  5. Dinosaur and unicorn – I love that this ties in dinosaurs for the Dino loving gymnasts
  6. Cheetah – can I please have this in my size please?
  7. Mustard and Pink – this is retro and so cute! Definitely grabbing this for my daughter this year.
  8. Colorful swoops – this one is so fun. I love that it is more of a traditional gymnastics leotard but also not an ugly print
  9. Elsa – I can tell you with certainty that my 2 year old would die over this ha
  10. Lady bugs
  11. Gold – you know I love me some gold…you know with a daughter named Goldie.
  12. Ribbed set – this is another one I plan to get.
  13. Long sleeve dainty floral – this is so cute and not your typical leotard.
  14. Ice cream – how fun is this? I know my daughter would love it.
  15. Ivory floral
  16. Black floral – this comes in some other prints too and is super affordable
  17. Brown floral – I LOVE this for fall and winter
  18. Rainbows – I am rainbow obsessed (check out my daughters room) so love this one!
  19. Pink and yellow – we actually own this one and it is beyond adorable and super well made. If you are looking for unique but traditional materials and style this is a great brand.
  20. Rainbow – I actually fell in love with this when I saw a little girl in my daughters gymnastics wearing it. Super affordable and so cute.

Hopefully this helps you find some fun, unique, and cute toddler gymnastics leotards that both you and your daughter will love, and like I mentioned in the first paragraph – if you are a dance mom too, be sure to check out the posts below!

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Cute Toddler Gymnastics leotards round up
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