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Zevo Bug Spray – Family Friendly Insect Control

This post was sponsored by Zevo Bug Spray but all opinions are my own 

Sam and I LOVE to entertain and have people to our home.  In fact we host a bible study every week in our home, so we have guests in our house very regularly.  I truly enjoy hosting and opening our home to others, but with that comes the stress, and pressure to keep your home ready.   One thing about living in St. Louis, and particularly in the Midwest, is that we have SO MANY BUGS.  

Well not just bugs but spiders, and that wouldn’t be a huge issue if we didn’t have kids running around all the time, and entertaining on the agenda frequently, but previously finding family friendly insect control we could use in our house no matter when it was was not easy.  

I was so thrilled with Zevo insect control came to me to try out there products and am seriously blown away.  We finally have a great option that is easy to use at any time and is effective!

zevo insect control on dining table


Family Friendly Insect Control and Entertaining with Zevo Bug Spray

There are typically two things that really worry me about entertaining and insect control.  One is the safety of what you’re using.  You don’t want to open your home to people with unsafe products around.  Zevo uses ingredients inspired by a plants natural insect repellent to safely control them in your home!    

And aside from safety the smell is the other big thing to worry about.  I mean I can-not be alone when I say that the idea of having a house full of people come over and my house smelling like a bunch of chemicals would embarrass me.

Zevo Insect

One of Zevo’s claims was that their sprays smell good but I will be really honest when I say I was apprehensive on that, so when I first tried it, I was honestly shocked by the good smell.  

It literally has a mild room freshener effect when you spray it.  This is also great living here because there are many times where we are entertaining and insect control needs to come out mid party.  

One time during our bible study the men were downstairs playing basketball… I mean praying.. haha, and came upstairs to show us the massive spider they found.  This wouldn’t have been such a big deal, but it was only me in town that week and I was pregnant with 2 other kids. 

This was before we had Zevo, and honestly I was so stressed about it.  I didn’t feel I could safely spray the basement with him out of town, and also didn’t want my kids down there if there were spiders present!

bottle of Zevo Bug spray on a table


Fully Prepping Your Home for Guests

When I am entertaining guests, I tend to be an over preparer.  I like to know our guests will be comfortable and have an enjoyable time, so for me that means prepping everything.  

I know for me bugs and insects scare the crap out of me, so if I were at someone’s home and saw them I would instantly want to leave.  Being able to spray, even last minute before guests arrive with Zevo is such a great aspect of the product.

Entertaining with Zevo Insect

Details on this fun TableScape 

As well as being prepared, you obviously need to prep the ‘fun’ stuff like decor.  We hosted a little New Year’s get together a couple of days ago, and I loved making a simple fun tablescape with some festive leftover ornaments from my Christmas table, and using festive gold glasses for our drinks.

If you want to see it a bit more up close, you can see the same tablescape in a more ‘colorful’ version here for Christmas.   One of my favorite things to do when it comes to table decor is use items I already own, and this was no exception. I had a million left over Christmas ornaments, so decided to make them work for New Years!

NYE Tablescape

New Years Eve Table Decor

I am always super conscious about products that are sitting out on a day to day, as well as while I am entertaining also fitting my “decor.”  It is silly to think you’re going to hide everything all the time, so buying products like soap, cleaner, and Zevo bug sprays that come in simple, yet pretty packaging makes it so much easier to leave sitting out for use when needed, instead of having to hide them away!

Don’t get me wrong – the image below is DEFINITELY staged, and I am not actually decorating with bug spray…I hope you’re not either haha.  But my point is that you don’t want a can of raid sitting out during a party.  

I try to buy products that will be around often in decent looking packaging, because especially in an outdoor entertaining situation many times the bottle does stay out and handy.   Having something that is less blaringly obviously a product of this nature is so helpful!

Fully decorated built ins

Decorated built in shelving


Do you plan ahead on things like this when you’re entertaining?  If you give Zevo bug spraya try let me know what you think in the comments below!! I think you will love it as much as I do!

** as an update – it has been a year since writing this original blog post and we still very much so love Zevo.  I keep it on hand at all times, and this past week my husband was traveling for work and I found a MASSIVE spider in our laundry basket. 

My first inclination was to burn the house down, but I instead grabbed the Zevo bug spray and sprayed the crap out of that spider.  Honestly I was a life saver in this situation because it was ON our clothes.  I did double wash them just to be careful after, but regardless I wouldn’t have felt good spraying any other bug spray on our clothes. 

The smell that lingered is not unpleasant at all, and most of all the spray was effective when it needed to be, so I still give this a big thumbs up!

Entertaining with Zevo

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