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Gifts for 4 Year Old Boy

Nothing is more fun on a holiday or birthday than seeing a sweet little open something they have been wanting. I rounded up the best gifts for a 4 year old boy in todays blog post, and can’t wait to share with you the unique and fun finds!

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Best Gifts for 4 Year Old Boy

4 year old boys are so fun. I swear my boys get so excited at the prospect of almost any gift, and shopping for them is so much fun when it comes to birthdays and holidays.

As always when it comes to my gift guides I worked hard to find unique items for the guide that are both fun and useful. I always strive to create guides that can help keep your kids entertained in many areas of life.

With 2 little boys I am pretty well versed in what boys love and want, and I hope the 4 year old boy in your life loves these items just as much as mine would and did!

best gifts for 4 year old boys

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Now onto the best gifts for 4 year old girls. Shop the items below the image!

4 Year Old Boy Gift Guide

Shop Best Gifts for 4 Year Old Boys Below

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  1. Rey to Z initial hat– we LOVE these hats! They are amazing quality and we wear them year round
  2. Helmet
  3. Scooter – My 2 year old has this scooter and it has been our favorite brand of the 4 we own.
  4. Binoculars – my kids all fight over these
  5. Book – I love getting my kids nice books for holidays and birthdays.
  6. Garbage Truck – My 4 year old would LOVE THIS
  7. Classic Legos – at this age, those little fingers can more easily grab the classic sized LEGO
  8. Butterfly nets – not just for butterflies! Fun for all when playing outside
  9. Slumberkins – our love for Slumberkins run deep
  10. Sidewalk chalk set – how cool is this? We love a gift that encourages learning and play at the same time
  11. Flybar pogo jumper – perfect for winter to get those wiggles out
  12. Goggles – These are SO FUN. I love the idea of getting a more fun version of something you will likely need to buy for them anyway.
  13. Bike – comes with removable training wheels – both of my boys have this bike and it is honestly such a good kids bike.
  14. Hunter boots – another favorite of ours, something the kids need and they wear them all the time
  15. Stomp cars – my kids have the stomp rockets, and this version would be such a fun new item.
  16. Spot It! – This is a great game to have for travel or at restaurants. Plus it is super fast to play!
  17. Shark Slides – we got these for our beach trip, and they were a hit! SO FUN
4 year old boy playing on the beach

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Hopefully this helped you find the best gifts for 4 year old boys and you feel ready to tackle their birthday or holiday. If you have any questions leave me a comment below, and be sure to follow me on Instagram (@arinsolange) and Tik Tok for more fun and inspiration.

4 Year Old Boy Gift Guide

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