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Best Gifts for 3 Year Old Girls

My sweet Walker is officially three – so in true birthday fashion I have gift guides coming at you!  I am always on a mission to find unique items for my kids – and with 2 boys and 2 girls that seems to be getting trickier and trickier, but I think I managed to find the best gifts for 3 year old girl. 

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3 year old girl

Best Gifts for 3 Year Old Girls

I always have so much fun when I am doing these gift guides for Walker’s age because it is fun to think back to what Avé liked at this age, while also seeing how much cute and new stuff there is on the market.

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My Rule of Thumb on The Best Gifts 

When I am creating these gift guides I always try to incorporate a bit of the same items.  Always a book or two, some inside toys, some outside toys, sometimes a bath toy, and some shoes or clothes.

I tend to think if you get your child a few items for different areas and places your home will feel less cluttered and they will be able to have fun at so many different spaces.

 In this gift guide you will see everything from shoes to pool items so plenty to keep them busy!

little girl with cuddle and kind dolls

Other Gift Guides

Creating these gift guides is something I LOVE to do and I am really passionate about.  If you enjoy the items in this post be sure to check out the rest of my gift guides below. 


gift guide for three year old girl

Now onto the best gifts for 3 year old girls!

Shop Best Gifts for 3 Year Old Girls

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  1. Book
  2. Flower STEM Toy – such a fun idea!
  3. Saranoni Blanket – these blankets are BY FAR one of my favorite items ever.
  4. Doll bed – Avé got this for Christmas this past year at 5 and LOVES it.
  5. Little Picnic basket
  6. Rainboots
  7. Slumberkins
  8. Cupcake pillow – we got this for Goldie’s birthday and it was a hit!
  9. Sunglasses
  10. Scooter – this is a different brand than I normally have on my guides because it is seriously to die for cute.
  11. Helmet – this is also SO CUTE
  12. Rainbow high tops – these come in a bunch of patterns/colors
  13. Doll Stroller
  14. Cuddle and Kind doll
  15. Little Purse – I am a sucker for getting my girls accessories as gifts. Amazon alternative linked here
  16. Princess Magnatiles – honestly, any magnatiles are great at this age, but these are SO CUTE
  17. Climbing toy – you can use this in so many different ways
  18. Toy Doctor kit – right around age 3 all of my kids have loved doctor kits
  19. Bike – this is a great affordable and cute bike option.
  20. Unicorn jump rope – so cute!
  21. Ride on walking unicorn
  22. Gummy Bear night light – fun and functional if you’re working on the toddler bed transition
  23. Karaoke mic – for a budding performer!
3 year old girl

Hopefully this gave you ideas you have never thought of for the three year old in your life.  So many of these items are things we already own and love – but I am also going to link to a couple of other gift guides that have other great items.  


I tend to think many gift options are great for multiple ages, so nearly all the items on my 2 year old girl guide and 5 year old girl guides will still be awesome options.

If you have any other questions on the best gifts for 3 year old girls be sure to let me know in the comments below, and I would love to hear what you get, and how much they love it!

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