Pretty and Floral Kids Easter Party

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Kids Flower Sunglasses
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Gold Bunny Napkin Rings
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Easter is around the corner – so you know I had to give some Kids Easter Party inspiration! I teamed up with my sweet friends at Party Hop Shop again to show you just how gorgeous you can make an Easter party, but with the added bonus of some floral inspiration for any party needs!

This post may contain affiliate links – post was updated February 2024.

Kids Easter Party with Balloons

Kids Easter Party

One of my favorite parts of being a mom over the years has been the elaborate set ups for holiday parties….none ever THIS elaborate, but elaborate none the less. When the Ashleys from Party Hop Shop and I team up for these fun parties we always aim to give you inspiration you can draw from, full well knowing most of you won’t be throwing this whole thing together for your kids on Easter!

This year for the kids Easter party we tried to really elevate the tables cape a bit so you could use it as inspiration in your adult Easter dinner table.

Easter table setting

Creating an Easter Table

Easter tables are so fun to create. I think there is something about getting out the pastels and the flowers for that first really springy table of the year that just makes my heart so happy. Like I said above – when it came to this table scape we did a good mix of ‘kids Easter party’ and adult table scape – so I think there is plenty you can draw from.

I tend to follow a few rules when creating all tablescapes, but in general with Easter have some tips below that are easy to follow.

I will both link to the items that we used below, but also give some tips on how you can implement this look into your own table this year, whether for your kids or your dinner table.

Kids Easter Party Table

Table Cloth

A tablecloth or table runner is almost always a must for me when it comes to creating a table scape, but in this case we got really creative. Our vision included a white table, but the table we were working with was not white, so we decided to use large oversized and layered cloth napkins to create the tablecloth and it was so cute in the end.

Kids party with balloons

The bonus to this was we were able to get a fun and creative look for a tablecloth, but with something that will be more frequently used in other tablescapes with the cloth napkins. Below are the cloth napkins we used for our table covering, a link to my favorite Amazon tablecloth, and some gorgeous napkin rings to pair with them.

For this table setting we also went with a faux grass table runner and that was such a fun addition that would be amazing with so many kids parties.

Purple Gingham Cloth Napkins | Gorgeous Scalloped Table Cloth | Gold Bunny Napkin Rings | Faux Grass Table Runner

table setting with bunny cookie

Setting the Table

Once you have decided on a table runner and/or cloth it is time to set your table. With this being a kids party we did a good mix of some non breakable plates that are reusable (so they could feel fancy), and disposable plates. It was a great mix that allowed for a fun, stress free set up, and visually should make for an easy transition to an ‘adult’ table if you are going that route.

Gorgeous kids Easter Party table

I try to mix color and texture when it comes to my table settings, and in this case started with rattan chargers, then the two different plates. For silverware we added in another element with the gold, and the cups add texture without being overly loud.

I use the same cups for many of my table settings because they are so simple and elegant and they are very affordable to keep on hand. Everything in this particular table setting is from Amazon and you can find the links below.

Chargers | Large Plates | Small Plates | Glasses | Napkins | Silverware

Easy Homemade Easter Cake

It’s all in the Details – Finishing the Kids Easter Party Table

Now you have the necessities done and we added some fun details to the table. In this case I used white vases and gorgeous flowers from Trader Joes to create the table setting. We added in some plastic Easter eggs, and some beautiful pink glass candle sticks and we were good to go.

Pink floral balloons and girls at a party

I think often times we try to do too much when it comes to the centerpiece, and it is not necessary. In this case the flowers did all the work, and we were able to just showcase them with the small details.

Long White Vase | Pink Candle Holders

For the backdrop and balloons Party Hop Shop did all the work and it was AMAZING. I Think they did a great job of showing both Easter balloons and inspiration while also showing how it could translate to a birthday party or any other spring or summer event.

Kids Easter Party

They share a lot more about how they create these gorgeous master pieces on their Instagram and TitTok so be sure to check them out!

Sisters in front of balloon wall

Kids Outfit Inspiration

For this little party we ended up getting all the girls absolutely adorable outfits from Amazon, so if you are looking for some cute outfits for spring or for this party, be sure to grab some of these as well!

Purple Striped Dress | Yellow Gingham Dress | Daisy Dress in White | Two piece toddler outfit | Pink Daisy Dress | Flower Sunglasses | Pink Gingham Dress

There are also lots of other cute accessories and pieces linked here on my Amazon store!

Girls eating at a kids Easter Party

Shop this Kids Easter Party

Although most of the details have been linked already, I wanted to share links to everything in one place incase that makes things easier for you. Shop the image below to find all the items we used to create this gorgeous kids Easter party.

Easter Table Scape pieces

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Shop Items Below

  1. Grass table runner – The grass element is so fun and can be used again and again for other parties or events.
  2. Gold Bunny Napkin Rings – How cute are these?!  
  3. Pink Glass Candlesticks – These candlesticks are stunning and can be reused in other areas of your home.
  4. Hobnail glasses – Classic yet elevate any tablescape.
  5. Acrylic tags – I painted the back side of these and added vinyl names to them.
  6. Purple gingham napkins – These are the napkins I used to create a tablecloth.
  7. Large scalloped disposable plates – I love the nice look of these and they make for easy cleanup.
  8. Small Pink Scalloped Plates – These small ones layered over the larger ones really add dimension to the table.
  9. Gold Silverware – We use this daily and love them.
  10. Rattan Chargers– A great staple piece to use year round.

Hopefully that covered all the bases and you feel like you can tackle a kids Easter party or Easter dinner table scape this year that will wow your guests!

Balloon wall with flower balloons

Grass Table Runner

Grass table runner

Gold Bunny Napkin Rings

Gold Bunny Napkin Rings

Pink Glass Candlesticks

Pink Glass Candlesticks

Hobnail Glasses

Hobnail glasses

Easter Acrylic Tags

Easter Acrylic Tags

Purple Gingham Napkins

Purple gingham napkins

Large Scalloped Disposable Plates

Large scalloped disposable plates

Small Pink Scalloped Plates

Small Pink Scalloped Plates

Gold Silverware

Gold Silverware

Rattan Chargers

Rattan Chargers

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Hopefully this helped you find the kids Easter Party inspiration you needed for this year, and you left ready to create a fun and meaningful Easter for your whole family. Be sure to pin the photo below to find this post later, and leave any questions in the comments, and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and TikTok (@arinsolange) for more inspiration.

Kids Easter Party
xoxo, Arin
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