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4th of July Boys Outfits

Not to be out-shined by the girls, I rounded up 4th of July Boys outfits on todays blog post.. Fun items they can wear for swimming, the beach, or a fun BBQ.  Hopefully you are able to find fun, unique finds!

This post contains affiliate links  – some items were received in exchange for inclusion.  All opinions are my own.

boys patriotic swimsuits

4th of July Boys Outfits

Finding outfits for boys can sometimes be trickier than it is for girls, but with 2 of them under my roof, I am always on a mission to find cute things for them to wear.

When it comes to holiday clothing – ESPECIALLY for my boys, I try to find items that are very much able to be worn other times.  I think with the 4thof July that is especially easy for boys because red, white, and blue are all so naturally in their wardrobes.

brothers in 4th of July swimsuits

Below you will find a bunch of my favorite items for your handsome little men, and be sure to check out the posts for girls linked at the end if you have girls to dress as well.

Boys 4th of July Outfits

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Shop the Items Below

  1. Navy star shorts
  2. Star sweat pants – my boys have these and I LOVE them
  3. swimsuit
  4. three pack of shirts
  5. Another 3 pack of shirts – from Amazon so great for the last min shopper
  6. t- shirt
  7. Adidas shorts – these are so cute especially for an older boy
  8. Sunglasses
  9. Hat – we have these for all our kids and I love them
  10. Pajamas
  11. Baby romper
  12. Sweater – this is gorgeous if you are going out to dinner
  13. Natives – obsessed with these and grabbing them for both of my boys
  14. Swimsuits – these are the suits my boys are wearing in these pictures.  They are the most high quality suits we own – but I do think they run slightly small so if you are on the fence – size up. 
  15. White converse – to me these are classic.  I love that I can have my kids all pass down these. 

Hopefully you found all these items fun and were able to discover some great pieces your child can wear all summer long.

siblings in 4th of July outfits


If you have any girls to shop for check out the posts below

Toddler Girl 4thof July Outfits  |  4thof July outfits for Girls

If you have any questions on these 4thof july Boys outfits be sure to leave me a comment below, or shoot me a DM on Instagram.  I always love connecting with my readers there.

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boys 4th of July Outfits

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