9 Month Old Baby Favorites – Goldie Mae

How do I have a 9 month old baby again?  Our sweet Goldie Mae is 9 months old – which is probably one of the most bittersweet milestones for me with my babies.  Something about knowing the whole world has known her as long as I have, and knowing that she is so close to ending that first year as a baby is breaking my heart this time.   I wish I could slow down time.  This post has all her 9 month updates and my favorite products for 9 month olds.

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9 month old baby girl

9 Month Old Baby Goldie

9 months.  You all have known her for 9 months.  I also can’t believe that means that I have known about her and loved her for a year and a half.  Goldie has been pure sunshine since she was born and something about her holds my heart so strongly.

9 month old baby girl

I thought she seemed mild at first (similar to how I thought AvĂ© seemed mild) but she is showing more and more signs that she will be a fire ball.  She already makes us laugh so hard and has a spunky little personality that truly cracks us up on the regular. 

She is almost crawling, still has 2 teeth, waves bye bye and says dada.  She loves going on walks, and is VERY angry if we eat things we don’t share.  She challenged peanut butter this month and won – so we are able to rest a little more assured on allergies, and are praying it’s only an egg allergy.

9 month old baby

Overall she is everyones favorite person in the house, and although it’s been a bit sad to not to be able  to share her with the world, I am trying to see this extra time of getting to hog her all to ourselves as a blessing.  

9 Month Old Favorite Products 

And – as for favorite products if you have been following along with this series then you know that I have been keeping track of everything we love month by month here on blog posts.

My hope with this series is that you are able to figure out what items I loved and found to be favorites for how long – this way you can better decide what to invest in and what you might want to skip.  

9 month old baby girl

It is worth noting that although these are my favorites everyone uses items for different lengths of time. 

In the comments below the round up I will explain further why we love the item and give some disclaimers, and at the end of the year I think I will be sure to sort of break this all down for you all.  If you are interested in the rest of the posts, all the monthly baby favorites will be linked below!

9 month old baby favorites

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  1. Boon Drying Rack – this is an item that I think just remains a favorite for as long as you are using bottles.  It makes it so much easier to just wash them and let them dry there since you use them multiple times a day.
  2. Infant bath seat – we don’t have this exact one, but have something really similar that we got when Jack was a baby.  It is a great way to keep your baby safely sitting in the tub and not slipping around. just a reminder – these items can give you false security.  They are no safer in this seat than in the tub sitting.  
  3. Bibs Pacifiers – I love these for Goldie and she still loves them too.
  4. Teether – these have been favorite teether for both her and my now 2 year old
  5. Pool float – we have been living at the pool and this pool float is a favorite.  Check out some photos of it in use here if you are wondering how it works.
  6. Carseat – we moved Goldie out of her infant carseat and to our convertible a bit earlier than we would have if it were a normal time.  Because she is in the car so little we decided to just move her to this one so we didn’t have a carseat sitting in storage.  We have been Clek lovers for 4 years and I can’t say enough good things about the carseats.  They are heavy duty and no fuss! 
  7. These bows are my favorite – they are gorgeous and don’t leave a dent on their heads
  8. Mustella foaming shampoo – helps so much with cradle cap!
  9. Veer Wagon – this is seriously the best stroller we have and we have tried a lot.  I have a full review of it here!
  10. Aquaphor – if you have a baby with dry skin use this!
  11. Pacifier clips
  12. Hatch sound machine – I still love this so much because I can adjust it from my phone. 
  13. Avent bottles – I have used these same bottles with all of my babies.
  14. Freshly Picked diaper bag – This has been my favorite diaper bag for the past couple of years as well and I am obsessed with it.  I have a full review of it here!
  15. Boppy baby carrier – I LOVE this baby carrier.  I think finding a good baby carrier can be hard and I love this one. 
  16. Pack n play – we recently switched to this one and I LOVE it.  It sets up just as easy as advertised and is a great place for Goldie to hang out.
  17. Snack cup – this snack cup is my favorite thing.  It has a lid and can condense smaller.  It’s a great one piece cup!
  18. Joovy walker – this little walker is GREAT!  We have been using it outside a lot but I love the big tray for her to play with toys. 
  19. Crinkle book – something about these toys that crinkle seriously make babies so happy. 
  20. Stokke Highchair – I wrote a full review here on how much we LOVE THIS highchair!
  21. Jumper – we changed from our old jumper to this one for our 4th and I LOVE IT. the footprint is nice and small but it’s super sturdy and amazing.
  22. Slumberkins – this is by far one of my favorite brands.
  23. This guy little glow worm is such a favorite for us.  it is not cute. but let me tell you – it has helped every one of our babies sleep.
  24. Mattress – this mattress is amazing 

9 month old baby girl

Hopefully you found some items that you love!  Be sure to check out all the posts below with more favorite baby items!


If you need more ideas for your baby be sure to send me a message.  These favorites for a 9 month old baby are just the top items, but there are so many others I love!  

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9 month old baby favorites

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