Easy IKEA Coffee Table Hack

It has been a minute since I shared an IKEA hack on my blog, and it was time I did a new one. Today I am going to share the easiest IKEA hack I have ever done. This easy IKEA coffee table hack is a total ‘DIY must’ if you are looking for a custom look coffee table.

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White living room with IKEA hack coffee table

IKEA Coffee Table Hack

It has been over a year since we moved into our house and I still had zero coffee tables. That finishing touch for each room has been a long time coming, and since I am finally finishing our hearth room I had the idea to do an IKEA hack. For me IKEA hacks tend to be inexpensive ways to create a high end look on a budget.

With 4 young kids at home – high end prices are rarely my choice, but I do love the look of a higher end space, so when an IKEA hack can happen I do it!

IKEA Hack Coffee Table with trash cans

We are currently still working on decorating our 1866 home that we have been renovating, and this coffee table brought us one step closer on our main floor.

Past IKEA Hacks

This IKEA hack coffee table is far from my first IKEA hack. Over the years I have done many IKEA hacks and you can see more about them here. Like I said above – when I choose an IKEA hack it always to be a money saver.

That said – IKEA is not convenient for many of you, so if you are not near an IKEA, make sure you still check out this post and my others to see if I have given you other options to create the look.

Coffee Table Inspiration for This DIY

When starting a DIY or IKEA hack I almost always see something that sparks my inspiration. In this case, I happened upon this Lulu and Georgia coffee table which is $1300 but also out of stock. So even if I had $1300 laying around for a coffee table that my kids are sure to cover in nail polish – I couldn’t get it.

I started out with thinking maybe I would use a wood round for the top on this table, but because I wanted the top to have a more modern edge and finish I ended up deciding to do an IKEA hack, and it didn’t disappoint.

Black and natural wood coffee table

Easy IKEA Coffee Table Hack

Okay so now that we have talked about how we got here – lets get to this easy little DIY. Essentially this would be something you could do with virtually any table top you want.

What you Need:

Black spray painted trash cans

Directions for IKEA Coffee Table Hack:

  1. Open your IKEA table and get the top only out. That is all you will be needing.
  2. Spray paint your trash cans.
  3. Once your trash cans are dry – you’re going to find the center of the bottom of the table and place your trash cans on, then draw where they go with a pencil.
  4. Now add e6000 to the bottom of your first trash can. place it where it goes, then using a screw screw it into place. For us – we had to use our screw driver which made it trickier but if your drill fits in the trash can that will make it easier.
  5. Repeat that for your other 2 trash cans, then you are done!

We personally carefully tipped ours to let it dry right side up. I knew that would give the weight it needed to dry better.

That is literally the whole DIY process! This was so easy, but gave the transitional look to the room I wanted. I love modern decor, but have been trying it in with more traditional pieces to fit the age of the home. The end outcome was exactly what I wanted.

IKEA hacked coffee table

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Hopefully you are able to incorporate this IKEA coffee table hack into your home, and you found this post helpful. If you have any questions be sure to leave them in the comments below, and be sure to follow me on Instagram (@arinsolange) for more inspiration.

IKEA Hack Coffee Table
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