Room Refresh Challenge

6 Bags for 6 Weeks (our declutter challenge) is officially over, so we are onto the next Instagram challenge!  If you follow me on Instagram, or are a regular blog reader, then you know that I LOVE a good room makeover.  SO starting next week that is just what is going to happen! I am  teaming up with my friends Jen and Chrissy on a March Room Refresh Challenge.

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After decluttering every inch of our homes, Jen and I knew we wanted to spruce up a room or two, but we wanted to bring in fresh perspective while we helped you do it.  If you follow Chrissy, you know she has amazing taste in home decor! Thus the idea was born!

March Room Refresh Challenge

Room refresh challenge worksheets

So, when I say a room refresh challenge, you are probably wondering what the heck I am talking about!

Jen, Chrissy, and I are going to walk you through how to refresh a room from start to finish in just a few weeks time.  We are both going to be showing you next week how we did this ourselves, as well as giving you ALL the tips and tricks. 

The challenge will be held on INSTAGRAM, however most of what you need, and lots of the info will be here on my blog, as well as theirs to keep track of everything!

Challenge Details:

Hosted by: Arin Solange at Home, Chrissy Marie Blog, and Paisley and Sparrow. 

Dates: The Challenge starts on Monday Feb 24 and all entries must be submitted by Sunday March 15th.

You can certainly start right away, and YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE READY BY THE 24TH! You must simply be done by the 15th to be eligible to win. 

What do we mean by Refresh:  This can be as big or little as you want.  You can change our paint, change your bedding, or change everything.  It is totally up to you. 

How it works: For the weeks of the challenge Chrissy, Jen and Myself will all be posting weekly blog posts with tips and tricks for refreshing your space.  You will have to use an Instagram story template AND tag us in a post us for final entry.  We will then pick our top 5 rooms and our readers and followers will vote via Instagram.

The big thing to note – you don’t need to be a blogger to do this.  Our hope is that we can inspire and help lots of you to share a fun home project via Instagram!

We want to see your progress, so be tagging us in stories and posts using the hashtag #MarchRoomRefresh as well as tagging our handles so we can share them.  We will share favorites in our weekly newsletters as well, so definitely keep an eye out!

Prize:  The winner of the challenge with the best room refresh will win $250! 

Rules: Must post your finished room by March 15th on Instagram tagging @paisleyandsparrow, @chrissymarieblog, and @arinsolange.  Must use the hashtag #MarchRoomRefresh.  Your profile needs to be set to public for the time of the challenge so we are able to see the posts.  You also must post the story template that will be provided on 3/9!

Room Refresh Challenge

How we will help:

Jen, Chrissy and I are all huge home decor fanatics with totally different styles.  But – we do all have a similar planning process.  So to help you along the way we will be giving you a couple of documents that will help you design you room and decide what you want to do with your space.  

Then next Monday you can expect to see a room we have each been working on with this challenge in mind.  We will show you how we utilized the documents, and our process for decorating, designing or refreshing a room!

PBTeen Maison bed

Room refresh before picture

Above is an example of a before and after of Ave’s room 

Room Planning

So About the documents I was talking abut.  Planning a room can be really daunting, and there are so many steps and things to plan out.  Below we have a link to receive 2 documents directly to your email.

The first document is a planning page – use this to stay on budget and wrap your head fully around this project.  Hopefully it is really helpful for this room as well as any rooms you do in the future.  Sometimes having everything in one place is just more helpful than anything else!

The second is a tutorial to make your own mood board.  Remember – having a mood board doesn’t have to be perfect.  But sometimes having patterns, colors, and items together on one board will help you decide what works and what doesn’t!

Next week when we share our ‘example rooms’ we will share more about the mood boards and our process and what those boards looked like for us for those rooms!

Grab both of those documents here!

Execution and the Refresh Process

When it comes to doing this, because there is a time restraint, remember to utilize your document from above and set dates or an order of operations.  One thing I love about doing a project with a time restraint is it really forces you to keep the steam going and not lag on steps.  

You will see next week that I COMPLETELY redid and refreshed a bathroom, from top to bottom, and were able to stick in this time frame (even with a return or two), so it can be done.  

Jen and Chrissy did more decor related projects, so you will get a feel for a good range of options. 

Boho pink nursery with hanging Serena and Lily Rattan Chair

Before picture - room refresh challenge

Another good example – Goldie’s Nursery

We are SO excited to have you all join in on this fun challenge.  I can’t wait to see the mood boards, the progress and the final results.   Our hope is that as you are doing these rooms we can be there to help you.  For the next few weeks we are going to be really hands on with giving you advice, and can’t wait to see stories and posts with your progress.

Remember to tag myself (@arinsolange), Chrissy (@chrissymarieblog) and Jen (@paisleyandsparrow) in all your posts and progress and use the hashtag #marchroomrefresh so others can see what you are doing!

Please DM me with any questions you have or leave them in the comments, and start your brainstorming for this fun room refresh challenge!




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