Valentine’s Day Books for Kids and Toddlers

Just after tidying up all of my holiday decor from Christmastime, Valentine’s Day starts peeking around the corner.  I like to take it easy on the kids gifts for Valentine’s Day, so I often give my kids books that we can read together!  Remember that the day is about love.  Receiving it and giving it.  You can teach them that its about more than presents.  Today I am going to share my favorite Valentine’s Day books for kids and toddlers that you will all love.

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valentine's day gifts for kids

Reading with kids is so important, and I love to snuggle up to read a good book that can really resonate with them and start a conversation about their feelings.  You’ll notice that some of these Valentine’s books for kids and toddlers will discuss a parent’s love and how it is always with your kids.  Cue the tears! 

Valentine’s Day Books for Kids and Toddlers

I am all about finding books that my kids will love and that will change up what we are reading or looking at on a daily basis for the holidays, but I also love finds that are pretty enough to have on display.  Trust me, you can find a book for nearly any style or holiday to reuse as decor. 

free printable valentines
Add one of my free printable valentines to a book you are gifting.

In the roundup of Valentine’s Day books for toddlers and kids below there are board books and paper books so you can find something great for any of your kids.  Add a few each year and you will have a lovely collection of Valentine’s books in no time!

Displaying Your Valentine’s Day Books

The best part about grabbing some books as a Valentine’s Day gift idea is that they can be used as decor so easily! I recently talked about how much I love to use children’s books as decor in this post.  

valenetine's day books on display

There are endless ways to display books year round like on my favorite clear acrylic shelves which really let the beautiful cover art shine.  Heck, I even built an entire Coat Closet Book Nook in our old home that I used to rotate our kids’ books with the cutest covers

And if you’re looking to host a full blown party for the lovely kids in your life, Valentine’s books are a great gift idea for the kids to take home! Simply place one book on each plate at the table with a sweet bow tied around it and your book is doing double duty as decoration and gifts. 

Valentine's day party table

If you want to go the extra mile and add more fun to your Valentine’s Day party for kids, make sure to check out all of my free printable valentines! I’ve got something for everyone from superhero themed valentines to ice cream cone diy keychain valentines to the sweetest printable puppy valentines.

Now onto those fun Valentine’s books for kids and toddlers – I am sure you will fall in love with a few!

Valentine’s Day Books for Kids and Toddlers Roundup

Valentine's Day Books for Kids

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Shop my Favorite Valentine’s Day Books Below

  1. Love 
  2. Love is a Tutu – We have had this book for years and it is so cute with simple pictures.
  3. The Wonderful Things You Will Be 
  4. Who You Were Made to Be 
  5. Little Love 
  6. L is for Love 
  7. In My Heart 
  8. Guess How Much I Love You 
  9. Love Is
  10. Mirabel’s Missing Valentines 
  11. The Heart and the Bottle 
  12. Part of My Heart 
  13. Bunny Roo I Love You 
  14. I’ll Love You Till the Cows Come Home 
  15. I Heart You 
  16. Lola Dutch I Love You So Much 
  17. Love Can Come in Many Ways – my 2 year old got this cue book for Christmas and loves it! A great option for younger toddlers.
  18. Love, From the Crayons 
  19. Little Blue Truck’s Valentine – With two little boys at home, you can’t go wrong with ‘Little Blue Truck’ Books.
  20. Harvey the Heart Had Too Many Farts 

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Hopefully these gave you some fun new Valentine’s Day books for kids and toddlers and feel more excited for the fun day next month.  Be sure you subscribe to my blog for more holiday fun, and if you have any questions be sure to leave a comment below be sure to follow me in Instagram (@arinsolange). 

Valentine's Day Books for Kids

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